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6: "Building Connections with Superstars" Discover the behind-the-scenes dynamics between Corey Graves and WWE superstars. Gain insights into building relationships, trust, and delivering authentic commentary during every match.

7: "The Pulse of the WWE Universe" Corey Graves shares his understanding of the WWE Universe's pulse and its impact on SmackDown. Explore how fan reactions influence the show's direction and storylines.

8: "The Music and Magic" Unveil the importance of entrance theme songs in professional wrestling. Corey Graves sheds light on the intricate process of selecting the perfect music to enhance a superstar's character.

9: "Corey Graves: The Future Ahead" Peek into Corey Graves' aspirations and visions for wrestling's future. With his unique insights and passion, he paves the way for an unforgettable tomorrow in the world of WWE.