1: The Undertaker's epic battles, shocking returns, and spine-chilling moments make Graves' commentary on SmackDown unforgettable.

2: When Reigns speared Strowman through the barricade, Graves' voice echoed the intensity that shook the WWE Universe on SmackDown.

3: "The Fiend" unleashing his dark powers sent shivers down our spines, and Graves' gripping commentary intensified the horror on SmackDown.

4: Amidst the chaos of a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, Graves' descriptive words captured every bone-crushing moment on SmackDown.

5: The Rock's electrifying returns and Graves' energetic commentary brought pure excitement to SmackDown like never before.

6: When Lesnar delivered a devastating F-5, Graves' words emphasized the sheer dominance witnessed on SmackDown.

7: Bayley's shocking heel turn stunned fans worldwide, and Graves' commentary perfectly conveyed the emotional impact on SmackDown.

8: Cesaro's record-breaking swing left us in awe, and Graves' commentary complimented the exhilarating moment on SmackDown.

9: Iconic matches like Triple H vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 were elevated by Graves' insightful commentary on SmackDown.