1: Corey Graves rocks the SmackDown fashion scene with his stunning outfits. Get ready to dive into his best looks!

2: A black leather jacket paired with a sleek button-down shirt – Graves' impeccable style shines through in this classic ensemble.

3: Graves takes it up a notch with a fitted suit, adding a touch of elegance to the SmackDown ring.

4: In a vibrant red blazer and crisp white pants, Corey Graves makes a bold statement on the fashion front.

5: Donning a trendy graphic tee, Graves proves that casual attire doesn't compromise his on-point fashion sense.

6: A stylish hat completes Graves' outfit as he exudes confidence and a cool factor like no other.

7: In a tailored waistcoat and coordinating trousers, Corey Graves proves he's a fashion maven in and out of the ring.

8: Graves' notorious all-black ensemble creates an edgy and powerful look that demands attention.

9: From leather jackets to tailored suits, Corey Graves consistently wows with his amazing fashion choices on SmackDown.