6 Best

6 Best- 20 Minute Ab Workout For Busy People

Lets start

Plank Variations (2 Minutes Each): Start With A Traditional Plank Side Plank And Forearm Plank For A Total Core Burner In Just 6 Minutes.

Russian Twists (3 Sets Of 20 Reps): Sit On The Floor Twist Your Torso While Holding A Weight And Feel Your Obliques Engage For A Stronger Core In 5 Minutes.

Mountain Climbers (3 Sets Of 30 Seconds): Elevate Your Heart Rate And Work Your Abs Simultaneously With This Dynamic Exercise Only 4.5 Minutes.

Bicycle Crunches (3 Sets Of 20 Reps): Target Your Upper And Lower Abs With This Classic Move Finishing In Just 5 Minutes.

Leg Raises (3 Sets Of 15 Reps): Lie Flat On Your Back And Raise Your Legs Focusing On Your Lower Abs For A 4.5-Minute Workout.

Burpees (3 Sets Of 10 Reps): A Full-Body Exercise That Strengthens Your Core While Burning Calories Completing The Routine In 4.5 Minutes.